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What Are the Benefits of Attlas Aluminium Panel Doors?

Supply Only Aluminium Bifold Doors Essex

At 6 Day Doors, one of the things that help us stand out is that we manufacture aluminium bifold doors and install them all within 6 days. Traditionally, aluminium has a long waiting time so this approach will be an outstanding benefit to both you and your customer. All our doors are manufactured to make […]

What are the benefits of Ezislide Sliding Doors

Supply Only Sliding Doors Essex

  At 6 Day Doors, we supply Ezislide Sliding Doors for builders and tradespeople in Essex and its surrounding areas.  A unique selling point is that the doors can be manufactured and installed in just 6 days, resulting in very quick lead times for both you and your customer. This is ideal because you will […]

How do you adjust your external bifold door?

Anthracite grey patio door

When it comes to installing your bifold doors at 6 Day Doors, we have you covered. Our efficient and professional service results in a lead time of just 6 days. But adjusting your bifold door is also a key skill to have as well because if your home is in an area with harsh and […]

How Customisable Are Bifold Doors?

trade supply smart bifold doors southend

When you consider a bifold door, there are many ways that you can customise it. This makes them a very popular choice for your residential and commercial property. At 6 Day Doors, we specialise in installing doors quickly, with lead times of only 6 days. So, you can enjoy the doors for much longer. Read […]

What is the Best Material for Bifold Doors

Supply Only Sliding Doors Essex

At 6 Day Doors, we provide very quick lead times for your doors. We can provide the best materials for your door. But you may be wondering, with the range of materials for your bifold doors available, what is the best one to use? There are so many options to choose from. We are here […]

How can your bifold doors be more secure?

Supply Only Sliding Doors Essex

Here at 6DayDoors, we manufacture and proudly supply two types of doors to homeowners. These are the Visofold 1000 and Visofold 6000 doors which offer plenty of thermal efficiency and natural light to your home. One of the main reasons bifold doors are considered is their security. But how secure are they? Read on to […]

Do You Need Planning Permission for Bifold Doors?

Ezislide door

At 6DayDoors, we offer plenty of bifold doors for you to choose from. Bifold doors are all the rage because they are very sturdy and durable. They will help protect your home against tough weather conditions because of their advanced double glazing. They will also let natural light enter your home, which is great for […]

How Secure are Bifold Doors?

smart bifold doors southend

How secure are bifold doors? If you install bifold doors in a home or commercial building, then it might make it feel a little more exposed. However, while bifold doors open up living spaces to nature, modern designs won’t leave them open to burglars and intruders. It’s because the bifold doors we supply for our […]

Bifold and Ezislide Doors, What’s Different?

Ezislide door

If you’re an installer looking for the perfect solution to open a property to light and space, you might have considered bifold doors and Ezislide doors. To help any installers decide which is best for their project, we’ve laid out their differences in this handy blog. Bifold Doors Bifold doors feature concertina-style opening, where the […]

Visofold 1000 and 6000, What’s Different?

Visofold White Bifold Door

Here at 6 Day Doors, we are very proud to offer trade customers across the South East with two different designs from the Smarts Systems Visofold range – the Visofold 1000 and Visofold 6000. To help you give your customers the best possible advice, we have compiled this handy table of information about the different […]