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The most popular styles of Roof Lanterns available from 6-Day Doors, meet the styling needs of any property renovation project, whilst promising to fill any room with light from above.  Precision made in our advanced factories, with attention to detail, reliable product quality and rigorous quality checks during manufacture and before inspection.  Using premium-grade insulated aluminium, a professionally applied colour finish and high performance safety glass, our Roof Lanterns are built to withstand the weather outside and look sleek and elegant inside.  Choose from the following popular styles.

Contemporary:  Contemporary Roof lanterns feature a more minimalist design with greater use of glass and fewer visible roof bars.  Perfect for modern homes and new extensions and the perfect complement to slim sliding doors or thin-frame bifold doors.

Traditional:  The Traditional Roof Lantern range has a more classic size and appearance and is ideal where you have French doors, single doors or other types of patio doors.

Square: The square design is ideal for adding balance and symmetry to any room, and benefits from more regular proportions and aesthetics.  Ideal for a new extension or converting a flat roof with more light from above.


6-Day Doors provides installers, construction, and property professionals with high-quality trade supply Aluminium Roof Lanterns. All three designs, ContemporaryTraditional or Square come with the same outstanding product quality, robust build, quality powder coated finishes and high-performance safety glass throughout.  Easy to glaze and simple to install, they help you complete your property projects with slim frame and built-to-last glass roofs.

We are here to help you configure the perfect Aluminium Roof Lanterns for your project, whether you need to meet particular specifications, functional requirements, or aesthetics. Contact us for prices and more information.