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Choose from the 6-Day Doors range of composite doors, suitable for any property and providing a complete solution for refurbishment projects, new extensions or new-build homes.

Our composite doors are crafted in our facilities with exceptional attention to detail, using advanced composite materials and top-quality components to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. Each door undergoes stringent quality assurance checks before it reaches you, guaranteeing that every product meets our high standards. We are dedicated to offering fast and reliable service for all types of composite doors. Explore our extensive range below to find the perfect door solution for your home or project.

  • Front Doors:
    Our composite front doors are precision-made to combine elegance and practicality. They are engineered with attention to detail, ensuring a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional reliability. Each door is crafted with durable materials that resist wear and offer excellent insulation properties, keeping your home warm and secure. Options for customizing your front door include a variety of colors, finishes, and hardware styles, allowing you to match the door perfectly with your property’s architectural style.
  • Double Doors:
    Our composite double doors offer a stylish and space-efficient solution for those looking to maximize their property’s visual impact and functionality. These doors provide broad, unobstructed views and come in a range of styles that can be tailored to fit any modern or traditional décor. The robust construction ensures high security and excellent thermal performance, making them a perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance the aesthetic and energy efficiency of their home.
  • Back Doors:
    Designed to enhance security and curb appeal, our composite back doors are as stylish as they are functional. These doors combine high-quality materials with advanced security features to keep your home safe. Available in a variety of designs, our back doors can be customized with different colors and hardware options, ensuring they meet both your aesthetic and functional requirements. They are also built to withstand the elements, making them a durable choice for any home.
  • Stable Doors:
    Our composite stable doors are perfect for adding a charming and versatile entry point to your home. These doors are split into two sections, which can be opened independently, providing ventilation without compromising security. Made from high-grade materials, our stable doors offer excellent thermal insulation and are available in various styles and finishes. They can be customized with different handle styles and finishes, allowing you to achieve the perfect look for your home.

Each type of door in our composite range is designed to offer superior performance, security, and style. Contact us for more details or visit our showroom to see the full range and discuss your specific needs with our experts.


6-Day Doors provides installers, construction and property professionals with today’s on-trend composite front doors, crafted from the best materials, at a highly attractive price point and with excellent specifications throughout.

Safe, robust, dependable and reliable our all our composite front doors are tested to the latest security, insulation and weather performance requirements. We are your one-supplier solution for composite front doors, back doors, French doors and stable doors.

We can help you configure the composite front doors for your project, whether you need to meet a particular specification, functional requirement such as a low threshold, modern or traditional design. Crafted composite doors suit the replacement of any dated door and for new build extensions or homes.

We recognise the importance of efficiency in your line of work, so we deliver bespoke designs within just 6 days. However, our commitment goes beyond swift delivery:

  • A complete range of premium quality composite doors.
  • Substantial colours, slab and glass designs.
  • Premium brand PVCu outer frames.
  • Fast turnaround on quotations

All our composite doors are accompanied by a full range of cills, frame add-ons, extras and ancillary profiles, giving you a one-stop-shop trade front door supplier.  Contact us today for prices and more information.