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We understand that you may have a few questions or queries, which is why we’ve taken the time to answer a range of frequently asked questions below.

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What is the 6 Day Door delivery guarantee?

We are offering a 6-day lead time on unglazed Ezifold & Smart Visofold 1000 bifolds in grey, white and black. If your door does not arrive in 6 days, your next order is half price. Other products and colours are available, but on a longer lead time.

How do I claim my half-price door?

Simply have your order reference number ready and give the 6 Day Door team a call on 020 8500 4900 or contact us online. If you are eligible, you will be issued with a discount code that can be used to claim your half-price order within 30 days.

What is your manufacturing capability?

Our team can comfortably manufacture 200 doors per week.

Are all of your doors made to measure?

All of our aluminium trade doors are made to order, bespoke to your specific requirements.

What is the maximum height for your aluminium bifold doors?

Ezifold have a maximum height of 2700mm (2.7m)

Visofold 1000 bifolds have a maximum height of 2500mm (2.5m).

Visofold 6000 bifolds have a maximum height of 2200mm (2.2m).

What are the maximum amount of panels available for your aluminium bifold doors?

Our Ezifold bifolds can be manufactured with a maximum of 14 panels in total and our Visofold 1000 can be made with a maximum of 13 panels in total.

Are your aluminium bifold doors top or bottom hung?

Our aluminium bifolds smoothly glide along bottom fitted dual rollers that run along a dual track, making them easier to install. Bottom hung bifold doors are also much more flexible and reliable than ‘top hung’ bifold doors, as the bottom of the door effectively carries the weight; rather than the supporting beam above.

How energy efficient are your aluminium bifold doors?

Our aluminium bifold doors meet industry standards for energy efficiency and weather performance, as well as security.

U-values: 1.5W/m²K, using 1.0 W/m²K centre pane.

Energy conservation: Document L Compliant.

Weather-tight performance: BS 6375-1:2009.

Is there a choice of door handles, locking mechanisms, etc?

All 6 Day Doors contain a standard locking mechanism with a range of different colour handles to choose from.

What colour options are available on aluminium bifold doors?

Choose from 3 standard colour options; white, black or grey. Additional colours are available upon request, but these have longer lead times.

6 Day Delivery service across London and the South East of England

Whether you're based in Islington or Ipswich, our 6-day delivery promise applies to locations within a 100-mile radius of our premises in Ilford, Essex. Accommodating a wide range of clients, we also serve local builders within a 50-mile radius.
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