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At 6DayDoors, we offer plenty of bifold doors for you to choose from. Bifold doors are all the rage because they are very sturdy and durable. They will help protect your home against tough weather conditions because of their advanced double glazing. They will also let natural light enter your home, which is great for saving money on energy bills while bringing in a ray of positivity. But when installing a bifold door, you may be wondering if you need planning permission, which is an important thing to consider. We have all the information for you, so read on to find out more.

The first question on your lips could be: what is planning permission? Planning permission simply enables local authorities to build in your area. You have to ask the local authorities to approve the building work, and they will consider a range of factors. For instance, a big factor is whether the neighbours will approve it or not because if you’re thinking of installing an extension, it could encroach on their space. If it is a big installation, it could even affect a parking space.

You need planning permission if you need to replace an existing bifold door. This is because any door with a slight alteration will have to be approved by Building Regulations. You can apply to your council, who will look at this.


Ezi-fold bifold doors


However, this does not apply to every door because it is essential to get planning permission in some areas. For instance, you could be interested in bringing out more space because your bifold door gives you plenty of freedom. But if you do want to make your door bigger and create more space, then planning permission is advisable because your home needs to carry the weight of the door. Furthermore, if you want a new opening for your door, it is advisable to get planning permission because it changes the complexion of your property.

More work has to be put in when applying for planning permission in some cases. Conservation areas and listed buildings are traditional and don’t normally have bifold doors. In this case, if you do want to install a bifold door in this area, then you can speak to your local councillor for advice on which materials you can use.

Sometimes, if you are looking at expanding your bifold door, your neighbours could react to this negatively. If this does happen, you need to think about where you are living because if you’re living in a semi detached or terraced building, a bifold door might be too big for such a compact space. Not only that, but it could create a shadow over your neighbour’s home, which could be unsettling, so this is another thing to consider.

If you want to create more internal space, you won’t need permission to install a bifold door. This is true if you want to install a bifold door inside the house; however, it is still ideal for checking the original guidelines in the home. This type of door is ideal if you want to bring the fresh air indoors, perfect for those cold and rainy days. What’s more, your bifold door will be able to resist whatever the weather can throw at it, so it’s protected for longer. However you want to personalise your bifold door, you must hire a structural engineer to look at the required measurements and see if you can fit the door in. You can even invest in n external wall to fit this door, although you’d have to consult with your local council before commencing on this project.


Visofold Black Bifold Door


A builder must create the door’s opening, which is very useful because it is worth checking if your house can fit a bifold door in. Doing this can make sure that it is safe in the long run. What’s more, you will also need to consider what type of support structure you need for your door. A strong material is cantilevered steelwork, which will hold up the weight and support the lateral roof weight of the door. This will allow you to enjoy a beautiful and uninterrupted view of your door because you don’t need to worry about supporting posts either.

We hope that you found this article helpful in planning permission for your new bifold door. If you have any more questions, our friendly team will assist you. Give us a call on 02085 004900, and we’ll be able to help you with your next home improvement project.