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When you consider a bifold door, there are many ways that you can customise it. This makes them a very popular choice for your residential and commercial property. At 6 Day Doors, we specialise in installing doors quickly, with lead times of only 6 days. So, you can enjoy the doors for much longer. Read on to find out many ways that you can customise your new door.

We believe you should be in the driver’s seat when you configure your bifold door. There are many different colours that you can go for, for instance, Anthracite Grey to White, which can change the dynamic and complexity of your door. A new colour is beneficial because it adds personality to your space. For instance, if you choose a Black colour for your bifold door, you can create a dramatic effect, but not only that, if children or dogs get it dirty, it is less noticeable.


Ezi-fold bifold doors

But that’s not all, because there are many other ways to customise your door, which ranges from both the colours and the hardware. You can choose from a solid selection of RAL colours and hardware, personalising your door even further. These colours are very vibrant and won’t rust, warp, or fade for many years to come. This is especially ideal in bad weather conditions. The bifold doors will last for a long time. Our colours are many and varied, so you can choose from a wide variety to suit your personality. And what’s more, we will fit the doors to whatever your building size is. We will suit our customisable options to however you want them.

A bifold door also provides a lot of privacy to your space because it is very soundproof. This is thanks to its advanced double glazing, in which the two glass panels will block out any outside sounds. If you want a space where you can relax, you can even go for triple glazing to enhance this privacy and enjoy your space a lot more. What’s more, you can even bolster your security easily as well. Customise your bifold door with multi point locking systems and advanced shootbolts, which will help you ward off intruders easier. The advanced double glazing will help handle hard knocks from both burglars and harsh winds. Not only that, but the glazing is firmly fastened, so tools such as crowbars will not be able to force the window open.

The door will also be beneficial because it can help give you the illusion of a larger space. They fold out like a concertina, so you can even decide how many panels you can offer. You can help with this by choosing how many panels you want. It’s your choice if you want to add wider or broader panels. They will also improve the views of your property. If you choose slim sightlines, this will give you stunning views of your garden, bringing it as one with nature. If you choose narrow panels, it will give a beautiful look to your door, and while the addition of more panels will cost more, it will be much easier to open. This is due to the concertina shape that it folds out into. The added doors will bring an extra layer of fresh air.

smart bifold doors southend

We also think about the finer details in your door that need customisation. This is because the bifold door runs on an in line slider, and there are other details such as tracks and hinges. But you can decide whether you want the track on the top or the bottom. It is entirely up to you. You can even decide which side the door opens as well. There are so many options for you to choose from.

Because we offer a bespoke service, your doors are tailored exactly how you want them. You can even customise the doors because you can add a low threshold. This will help easier accessibility, especially if your space is available for wheelchairs and prams. With the added flexibility of the bifold door opening, you can move in and out with ease.

If you are looking for a brand new high quality aluminium door, then our customisable range will suit your every need. To customise it, use our online quoting tool to help you design your dream door. Then, we will return with a bespoke price.

If you want to contact us about any queries, you can do so by calling us on 020 8500 4900, and our friendly team will be able to help you.
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