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How secure are bifold doors? If you install bifold doors in a home or commercial building, then it might make it feel a little more exposed. However, while bifold doors open up living spaces to nature, modern designs won’t leave them open to burglars and intruders. It’s because the bifold doors we supply for our customers have advanced security hardware as standard.

At 6 Day Doors, we know the value of feeling safe. So, when you ask how secure are bifold doors, you should know that we stop at nothing to ensure our doors are always secure for trade customers and homeowners alike. We offer bifold doors from two leading manufacturers, and each design comes with a wide range of security options. You’ll benefit from locks throughout the frame, as well as durable profiles and glazing that make them even more secure.

6 Day Doors can supply Ezifold and Smart bifold doors that will keep you or your customers safe from any threats. And, with their soundproofing qualities, weatherproof design and thermally efficient build, they can do a lot more as well. With 6 Day Doors, you can also order doors and get fast turnaround times of as little as six days. Because of this, you can feel secure with our bifold doors and even more secure with your investment.

secure bifold doors

Bifold Doors Security Features

Bifold doors that we supply come full of leading security features. For a start, both of the suppliers we work with offer bifold doors with advanced multi-point locking mechanisms. Locks like these engage at several points in the frame, meaning that there are no weak spots throughout the design. Not only that, they fasten the glazing to the frame, meaning intruders won’t be able to separate them to find a way through.

Bifold doors can also come with further security measures, though. For example, you can choose durable locks and highly robust handles for your designs, making the doors more resistant to heavy impacts. Finally, the aluminium profiles in our bifold doors protect any security features inside them from rust and wear. Aluminium doesn’t suffer any damage in wind and rain, meaning the bifold doors you order will remain secure for decades.

Ezifold bifold doors

Ezifold Bifold Doors Security

So, how secure are both of our bifold doors options? Our first option for trade customers is our supply only Ezifold bifold doors. Using the market-leading Cortizo profile, Ezifold bifold doors are one of the most secure designs out there. Highly durable aluminium frames can strengthen the doors against intruders, making forced-entry attempts far less likely to succeed.

Ezifold’s bifold doors have advanced multi-point locking mechanisms across the design, too, meaning there are no weak spots in the frame. And, with a 10-year hardware guarantee, you won’t lose out if the security measures don’t perform as expected. You can also choose a wide range of configurations, meaning either you or your trade customers can take control over their security. For example, you can choose bifold doors with flat thresholds which hide the bottom frame in the floor, creating an anti-crowbar design.

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Smart Bifold Doors Security

Alternatively, our Smart bifold doors are another secure option for our trade customers. Known as the ‘builder’s favourite’, Smart bifold doors have excellent quality across their design. While they can open up any residential or commercial property to nature with their 132mm sightlines and accessible, low thresholds, the design can close off intruders as well. Multi-point locking systems engage across the frame, and you can choose a wide range of robust handles to suit your needs.

We offer both the Visofold 1000 and Visofold 6000 profile, meaning you can choose one of two highly secure bifold doors. Smart’s Visofold 6000 profile is also compliant with Building Regulations Document L 2010, confirming that it will secure any space from burglars and intruders. With their durable aluminium profiles and double glazing panels, Smart’s leading bifold doors stay secure for decades to come. However, 6 Day Doors makes sure they don’t take that long to come to you.

how secure are bifold doors for trade

How Secure Are Bifold Doors for Trade?

At 6 Day Doors, we want to make the buildings you install for and the investments you make as secure as possible. Because of this, we’ve refined our range of secure bifold doors to offer only market-leading options for our trade customers. And, when you pick one of our bifold doors, you could have it within as little as six days. Our fast turnaround times set us apart, and we can also react quickly to bespoke and custom bifold door orders.

So, how secure are bifold doors with us? Find out by using our online quoting tool to discover our full range of bifold doors and get an accurate quote for any bespoke design. And, to speak to our friendly team about the security of our bifold doors for trade, call us on 020 8500 4900. We look forward to helping you!