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 Aluminium bifold doors are a must-have

Due to their ability to completely open up a space and create an unobstructed view, aluminium bifold doors are a homeowners’ must-have. Their popularity has grown over the last decade and with the ability to completely transform any room, aluminium bifold doors are an excellent addition to any installer’s product portfolio.

Manufacturing the UK’s leading aluminium glazed entrance systems, 6 Day Doors proudly supply Smart Systems Visofold 1000 and Visofold 6000 bi-folding doors to installers. A Visfold 6000 bifold door offers an elegant ultra-slim profile and is suitable for both residential and commercial properties, where large opening apertures are required. Visfold 1000 bifold doors are also an ideal solution for residential applications.

Competitive Smart aluminium bifold doors at supply only prices

We offer Smart Systems Visfold 1000 & 6000 at competitive trade prices. Our bifold doors are thoroughly tested to meet industry regulations for both security and thermal efficiency. We also strive to minimise the impact of our actions on the environment by following sound environmental practices, from obtaining raw materials, right through to delivering the end product.

Our unique 6-day lead time promise means if your order doesn’t arrive on the day that is specified at order, your next order is half price! Find full details on our Help & Support page.

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Bifold trade supply

Tired of aluminium’s lengthy lead times? Bifold doors are complicated to design, manufacture, and install. Yet due to the demand for them, a significant amount of installers now offer bespoke bifold doors. Our unique 6-day promise means we supply high performing aluminium bi-fold doors to trade installers across London & the South East quickly! You can impress your customers and keep them happy with an efficient service!



Visofold 1000 Slide-Folding Doors

  • The ‘builder’s favourite’
  • Slim 132mm sightlines
  • Accessible low thresholds
  • Weather-proof rebated thresholds
  • Neat, mitred corners
  • Square or rounded edge options
  • Fixed or removable corner post option
  • Colour matched hardware
  • Dual colour frames available
Visofold Black Aluminium Bifold Door
Visofold-600 alumiunium bifold doors

Visofold 6000 Slide & Fold Doors

  • The ‘architect’s favourite’
  • Narrow 94mm sightlines
  • Accessible recessed thresholds
  • Weather-proof rebated thresholds
  • Opened-up, they sit flush to the frame
  • Square or rounded edge options
  • Range of handles and hardware to choose from
  • * 6 Day Door deliver guarantee not available on this range.

  • Benefits
  • Colours
  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • FAQs
  • Benefits

    Homeowners often ask; what is the best material for bifold doors? Aluminium is the best material for bifold doors for many reasons. Aluminium bifold doors are exceptionally robust yet boast slim, sleek frames and offers the desired ‘grand design’ aesthetic. So, thanks to aluminiums naturally strong properties, homeowners do not have to compromise the security of their home! Another benefit to using aluminium for bifold doors is they create a dramatic feature and can open 90% of the entryway. Due to the flexibility of aluminium they also come in an array of configurations, and can even be fitted onto a corner, creating a real ‘open plan’ living space! Even when they are closed, they completely brighten up a room, creating an airy environment. As alumimium can hold larger panes of glass compared to uPVC, light naturally floods into the room.

    Supply Only Bifold Doors


    White RAL


    Anthracite Grey RAL colour


    Black RAL


    Dual Colours

    Dual Colours

    Any RAL Colour

    Any RAL Colour


    Visofold 1000 & 6000Visofold 1000 & 6000Visofold 1000 - Weather Performance (Open Out - Rebated Theshold)Visofold 6000 Weather Performance
    U-values of 1.6W/m²K using 1.0 W/m²K centre pane.Document L Compliant.BS EN 1026: 2000 Air Permeability: Class 4 600Pa BS EN 1026: 2000 Air Permeability: Class 2 600 Pa
    BS EN 1027: 2000 Watertightness: Class E 750PaBS EN 1027: 2000 Watertightness: Class 8a 450 Pa
    BS EN 12211: 2000 Resistance to Wind Load: Class A4 1800Pa BS EN 12211: 2000 Resistance to Wind Load: Class A3 1200 Pa


  • Multi-point lock mechanisms on main opening sashes.
  • Shoot-bolt locking on floating mullions.
  • 'Lift-up' locking operation.
  • Visofold 1000 PAS 24:2016 compliance.
  • Security tested to PAS 24: 2012.

  • visfold lock


    Can bifold doors open both ways?

    Aluminium bifold doors can open both ways. However, most homeowners prefer their bifold doors to open outwards, as it is more practical. There is typically more space outdoors compared to a room full of furniture! Bifold doors can also slide to the left, right, or both and can be fitted with a traffic door. This is an individual door that is used to gain entry and exit through without having to entirely open each pane.

    aluminium bifold door

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