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At 6 Day Doors, we offer a wide range of bifold doors for your residential or commercial space. But that’s not all because we match that with exceptional lead times too. We install two profiles: Ezifold Doors and Smart Aluminium Systems. Both these doors offer premium double glazing, thermal efficiency, and they look fantastic. Your doors are manufactured to a high, professional standard. But you might be wondering which rooms are best suited for your bifold doors? At 6 Day Doors, we can help you. Read on to find out more.


A bifold door can make a stunning entrance into your bedroom. This is because there are so many ways it can make an impact. A bifold door is very good at bringing in natural light, which brings a positive and welcoming atmosphere into your home. Unlike sliding doors, a bifold door folds out like a concertina which creates a temporary wall into your home. It also takes up less room, which creates an illusion of more space. This leads to a sleek and stylish addition to your home.


This method is also ideal when it comes to natural light as well, which is very important in a bedroom. Natural light creates a positive living space so it can come straight into your bedroom. The transparent glass on the bifold door will reflect this because it is heavily glazed, allowing more light to pass through. You can even go for opaque glass, which will reduce the glare, so people can’t see what goes on in the bedroom. You will benefit from more privacy that way, but another option is fitting in curtains or blinds for a more attractive look.

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A bifold door is most common in the conservatory. There are many benefits to this approach because it comes with advanced double glazing. This will help improve your living space because natural light will penetrate your home, saving you loads of money on your energy bills. Not only that, but the door will also burst open and give you exceptional ventilation, which adds cool air to your home. You don’t have to use the air conditioning in the summer, which will work wonders for your finances and the environment. A bifold door in a conservatory helps you create a seamless transition with your garden, too, adding a strong connection with nature. Get high end aluminium aesthetics when you choose one of our bifold doors.


But that’s not the only reason why a bifold door is suitable for a conservatory. It is perfect for when the weather gets tough because you will experience a durable door with tough panels. This will help you withstand even the worst conditions. And, the doors are very easy to clean as well because if they get mould spots or condensation, then all you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth and soapy water, then it’ll look as good as new. In addition to this, the door is robust and secure, so it will keep your family much safer in the long run. This is because the doors come with multi point locking systems and shootbolt mechanisms that will deter even the most crafty criminals. Feel confident that your family can stay safe and secure in the long run.

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When you install a bifold door in a kitchen, this could be a fantastic option. The sheer size of the door will be integral in maximising your experience. Because the door has panels that are connected to each other, and as a result, it will collapse or expand into a concertina. It can also be very versatile and functional because it can open directly onto a patio. This is perfect for social gatherings because you can retreat into the kitchen much easier. This proves that a bifold door is very easy to use. A uPVC door is a good option for this door because it is the cheaper option. However, it doesn’t have the strength of aluminium. Aluminium, in contrast, will offer more space for glass and also lighter as well. This will help you see your garden much clearer.


In conclusion, a bifold door is a very versatile door for your home because it can be used in a variety of places. It offers loads of benefits, including being energy efficient and robust, protecting you from intruders. At 6 Day Doors, what sets us apart is that we can get the door fitted and installed in just six days! You can design your dream door in minutes with our online quoting engine, and then we’ll return with a personalised price based on your budget. You can even call us on 020 8500 4900, and our friendly team will be able to help you.