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Google trends suggest ali doors are still in demand

Aluminium doors have surged in popularity over the last twenty years – but has coronavirus changed that? Simon Baldock of 6 Day Doors looks at the latest search engine data to find out.

More than any other products, they’ve come to symbolise the home improvement boom of the 2000s and 2010s.

But after an extremely uncertain few months for UK glass and glazing, businesses across the sector have been left wondering whether the enormous popularity of bifolds and patio doors can survive the lockdown, and the coronavirus crisis more generally.

The answer, thankfully, seems to be a resounding yes.

In recent months, online searches for key home improvement products have remained strong despite the disruption that coronavirus has caused – with some even reaching all-time highs.

Let’s take the term ‘bifold’ as an example. In the first week of June, people were Googling it almost as frequently as they were in January, often glass and glazing’s busiest month.

A slight variation – ‘bi fold’ – received more searches in May than it had all year.

And the results for ‘patio door’ were even more impressive. In late May and early June, searches reached the highest level since 2004.

Throughout 2020, monthly searches for patio doors have averaged around 22,000 a month – that’s 8% up on the monthly average for 2019.

What’s more, that’s around a 50% increase on 2015, where the term was Googled an average of 14,800 times a month.

Lighting up lockdown

It’s important to state, of course, that searches aren’t sales. A person might Google a product several times before they actually buy one, or search one and not end up making a purchase at all.

But it’s a clear demonstration that people are as interested in high-end home improvement projects as ever – and in some cases, even more so.

The explanation for why is likely to be complex – but one key reason might be the coronavirus lockdown itself.

Tens of millions of people were effectively shut indoors for months on end during lockdown’s strictest phase, which happened to coincide with unusually glorious Spring weather.

It’s therefore unsurprising that thousands liked the idea of letting more light into their homes, and being able to enjoy an easier transition between inside and out – both areas in which patios and bifolds excel.

Introducing Ezifold and Ezislide

So in short, it looks as though the aluminium door boom is very much here to stay.

And at 6 Day Doors, we’ve got a selection of outstanding bifold and patio door products to help installers meet that demand with the minimum of time, effort and fuss.

With its sleek aluminium aesthetics, our Ezifold bifold is a sure-fire winner with any homeowner looking for stylish, modern design.

Available in a wide range of configurations, its slim sightlines offer high-end aluminium aesthetics, while its bottom frame can be hidden in the floor to achieve flat thresholds.

It also has a 25-year colour guarantee, and 10-year hardware guarantee, too.

And best of all, it comes with the lightning-fast lead times that have made the 6 Day Doors name.

Most fabricators will make you wait 2-3 weeks if not longer for aluminium bifolds – and in today’s time-pressured society, that can mean the difference between an order lost and an order won.

But 6 Day Doors does what it says on the tin – buy a product, and it’ll be with you in six days, or you’ll get 50% off your next order.

What’s more, we’re about to add an outstanding patio door product to the range, too – Ezislide, which takes the same sleek minimalistic aesthetics, quality fabrication and speedy installation of Ezifold, and applies it to a sliding patio door.

If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to call 020 8500 4900 or email info@6daydoors.co.uk.