Here at 6 Day Doors, we are very proud to offer trade customers across the South East with two different designs from the Smarts Systems Visofold range – the Visofold 1000 and Visofold 6000. To help you give your customers the best possible advice, we have compiled this handy table of information about the different door materials which we supply.

What do the Visofold 1000 doors offer?

Visofold 1000 Bifold

  • As a tried and tested reliable door, the Visofold 1000 is one of the most popular of the Smarts folding doors and is classed as ‘the builders’ favourite’ by our customers
  • Perfect for residential properties as well as commercial environments, the Visofold 1000 doors will allow you to complete a wide variety of projects
  • The Visofold 1000 doors boast streamline, slim 132mm sightlines, and ease of installation
  • What is even better is that the Visofold 1000 doors are widely available and cost-effective to you as the installer. That is news that you like to hear, we know.

What do the Visofold 6000 doors offer?Visofold-600 alumiunium bifold doors

  • Classed as ‘the architect’s favourite’ by our customers, the Visofold 6000 is one of the slimmest bifolds doors available on the market at only 94mm
  • Besides featuring slim sightlines, the Visofold 6000 doors can also be customised to fit the requirements of your homeowner customers, giving them versatile choices to best suit their needs.

Smarts Systems Visofold 1000 and Visofold 6000 across the South East

At 6 Day Doors we recognise that customer tastes and personal preferences are everchanging, which is why we offer a variety of design options and technical specifications to choose from.

Both the Visofold 1000 and Visofold 6000 offer dual RAL colours, meaning that your homeowner customers can have a separate colour on their internal side to their external side. So, if they wanted a bifold door that had a black exterior and white interior, we can achieve this no problem. From Jet Black to Anthracite Grey, whether you are installing doors in a residential home or office building, all bases are covered.

The Visofold 1000 and Visofold 6000 also offer multi-point locking systems on the main opening doors with shoot-bolt shocking mechanisms installed on the secondary doors. Regardless of the locking system, however, your homeowner customer can sleep well knowing that them and their family are safe as houses.

Manufacturing Visofold 1000 and Visofold 6000 for trade customers across the South East

We offer Smart Systems Visofold 1000 and Visofold 6000 at competitive trade prices. Our bifold doors are thoroughly tested to meet industry regulations for both security and thermally efficiency. And what is even better is that our unique 6-day lead time promises mean we supply high-performing aluminium bi-fold doors to trade installers across London and the South East quickly!

If you would like to find out more about working with 6 Day Doors as your dedicated trade glazing supplier, call us on 020 8500 4900 or email us at

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