Are you a glazing installer based in Essex? Do your customers often ask you whether aluminium bifold doors are better than sliding doors? If this sounds familiar, then you are in the right place.

Our team of specialists is on hand to help you understand the key differences.

Why offer your customers aluminium sliding doors?

  • If there are no complications, the installation time of sliding doors is approximately one daySliding Doors
  • Sliding doors are suitable for residential properties, as well as some commercial properties, giving you more opportunity to complete a range of projects
  • Sliding doors are thermally efficient and in special cases can achieve an A+ energy rating so homeowners can stamp out draughts for good
  • Sliding doors are durable and show high resilience against pitting, peeling, rotting, and drying out, giving your customer peace of mind that they can enjoy them for years to come.

Why offer your customers aluminium bifold doors?

  • Similar to sliding doors, the installation time of aluminium bifold doors is approximatelyaluminium bifold door four to six weeks
  • Aluminium bifold doors are recyclable and sustainable – a high percentage of the existing aluminium can be reused later on for something else, without losing any of the physical properties
  • Aluminium doors require very little maintenance, a regular clean will keep your customers aluminium doors looking as good as new
  • Bifold aluminium doors and sliding aluminium doors from 6 Day Doors have far more design options – giving you the ability to have the hardware on your new aluminium door colour-matched
  • Aluminium bi-fold doors from 6 Day Doors meet industry standards for energy efficiency boasting impressive U-values of 1.5W/m²K, ultimately helping your customers to lower their energy bills.

There are many benefits of buying Smarts aluminium bifold doors through 6 Day Doors, including our very own fabricator promise to deliver market-leading aluminium bifolds in under a week!

Trade aluminium bifold doors available in just 6 days!

As a company that supplies Ezifold and Smart aluminium bifold doors in simply 6 days, we pride ourselves in supplying high-performing aluminium bi-fold doors to trade installers and builders across London and the South West. If you would like to find out more about working with 6 Day Doors as your trade glazing supplier, contact us or give us a call on 020 8500 4900 for more information.

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